Baby Massage

"I believe that every parent, regardless of personal philosophy, and every infant, regardless of birth history or disposition, should have the opportunity to experience the lifelong benefits that come from early bonds that are loving, healthy, and secure." Vimala McClure


Baby Massage is a simple and effective way to strengthen the bond between the carer and the baby and it generally leads to a happier and healthier baby. The course teaches you the basic and safe massage strokes while building your confidence in touching your baby.

Baby massage provides parents and carers with a routine to enable them to cherish and bond with their baby through the basic form of communication - touch. Shorter courses, for dads, are available on Saturday mornings. A regular massage with dad can become a valuable bedtime routine which may help to bring them closer.

Share special moments with your baby and learn baby massage techniques.

Investment for the 4 week course is 45.00 This includes a booklet with the summary of all the massage strokes and a 50 ml bottle of massage oil.


Day Time Venue Start date of course Start date of course
Monday afternoons Massage home visits
one to one or small groups
Bookings taken now
Tuesday mornings Massage home visits
one to one or small groups
Bookings taken now
Thursdays 10:45am Liphook Methodist Church, London Road, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7AN 14 September
Bookings taken now
12 October
Bookings taken now
Saturday tbc Courses for dads are available
Liphook Methodist Church, GU30 7AN
on request
on request

Bookings taken now for May 2017

Drop-in sessions are available at 14 a session, payable in advance. Discount for parents who have completed a course and want to do a refresher. Not subject to early bird discount.

Please contact Vera for more information.

Do you have a new baby and want to find ways to relax and bond?

Infant massage is a way to gently nurture and spend time with your baby. You may find giving your baby a massage may lift your mood and help you feel stronger as a parent. Baby massage helps you to understand the subtle non-verbal clues a baby communicates to you and this lays the foundations of trust and security which is needed in a happy and confident relationship between you and your little one.

Benefits for your baby:

  • Relaxes baby and promotes deeper sleep
  • Helps with wind, colic and digestion
  • Aids muscle development and growth
  • Supports baby's physical, emotional and social development

Benefits for the parent:

  • Improves bonding with your baby
  • Improves communication with your baby
  • Increases confidence in parenting
  • Reduces stress

Please note that all sessions are run on the basis that babies and their needs are always put first. If your child needs feeding, changing or are unsettled you are welcome to stop and attend to their needs.

If you have never tried baby massage before and think that either you or your child may benefit from our sessions, do not hesitate, contact to explore the gift of loving touch that baby massage can be.


Baby Massage session are now available

Book yourself on a four week baby massage course and understand when and how to give an infant massage.

Each session lasts about 50 minutes to one hour.

Booking is essential.

All courses are four week.

A four week course is 45 (which includes a 50ml bottle of Cold Compressed Organic Sunflower Oil and an information booklet with a summary of strokes).

Please contact Vera for more detail

Courses are available in Liphook and home visits (one-to-one and groups).

One-to-one courses are available at your home in the area as mentioned above and surroundings.

The sessions are run on an informal yet informative basis. It gives you the opportunity to learn the principles of traditional and authentic baby massage routines in a relaxed and social environment.

Each course will run over a four week period during which you will be learn a series of massage strokes. Each week you will learn a set of new strokes in addition to revisiting the strokes from the sessions. At the end of the course you will have a thorough knowledge and understanding how to massage your baby.

The instructor will never massage a baby, only the parent or caregiver will touch or massage your baby.

Special Offer Special Offer Special Offer Special Offer

If you would like to host a group course in your home, for a group of friends or your antenatal group - the host will get the course at half price (This only applies if the group consists of the host with a baby plus at least three other babies and their parent).

One-to-one sessions and small home group courses are available.

Booking is essential

Please see Contact details on Home page


Comments from parents

I enjoyed spending time with my newborn. The group was small, friendly and relaxed (July 2017).

It was a great way to meet other mums and bond with my child. The environment was relaxed and it is easy to remember the massage techniques. I will miss the sessions. I loved it all (July 2017).

It was a nice atmosphere in which to learn. Vera is supportive and positive. (May 2017).

The course was really good. We learnt a lot and my baby enjoyed it. I enjoyed the calmness and learning the massage strokes. - Cathy (May 2017).


I loved the combination of massage and songs used during the sessions. Vera shared her knowledge on how massage can help with certain ailments e.g. digestion - Molly (February 2017).

I enjoyed the course and I feel that I learned a new skill. It was a great course. - Sophie (February 2017).

I felt that I wanted to have some quality one-to-one time with my baby. We spend a lot of time in the car taking the bigger sister to school and to other activities. - Emily (January 2017).

Vera gives clear instructions during the sessions and makes sure that all parents understood them. - Claire (December 2016).

Vera is very knowledgeable and calm. I enjoyed every bit of the course. Thank you - Jackie (November 2016).

It was a great course. Very informative and interesting. Vera is calm, friendly and knowledgeable. - NCT Group (June 2016).

It was calming and informative. I enjoyed it so much I would love to continue - Robyn (November 2015).

I wanted to bond with my baby. This course allowed me to do so. I enjoyed it very much, Thank you (November 2015).

The course was brilliant. Well structured to cover all the body parts in a friendly and calm atmosphere (October 2015).

Dedicated bonding time with my baby. The course was great and I would recommend it to others (October 2015).

Nice atmosphere, informative and a calm way for baby to socialise - Caelia (October 2015).

Really helpful and interesting, relaxed and informative style. - Alison (October 2015).


Vera is very knowledgeable and it was good to spend some one-to-one time with my newborn. I loved the hour of calm. - Lauren (July 2015).


I felt relaxed and I was able to ask questions. - Becky (November 2014).

My baby slept for six hours after the first massage. I continued to massage my baby regularly and she seems much calmer. - Kate (June 2014).

I feel more at ease with handling my baby. The baby massage has given me more confidence. - Katie (June 2014).

Vera is professional, relaxed and calm. - Ruth and Angela (comment made repeatedly).


What is Baby Massage?

Baby massage is an old tradition which can give a baby the best possible start in life. The benefits of baby massage are significant for both parent and baby. It supports bonding and happiness, feeling secure and early communication between parent and baby.

A daily massage provides a perfect opportunity to meet your baby's needs through skin-to-skin contact. Regular massage can aid relaxation and improve sleeping. It also promotes a healthy development, leaving you and your baby feeling happy and connected.

Baby massage involves parents learning a series of massage strokes and techniques in order to enhance their babies development. Nurturing touch supports the parent-baby relationship.

Why Baby Massage?

for more information please see my blog.

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