Post-Natal Mum and Baby Yoga


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The benefits of Post-Natal Mum and Baby Yoga

During pregnancy babies have experienced the constant movement of their mothers. There is no reason why this should stop once the baby is born. Gentle movement and touch are the basis of synaesthesia (the joining of senses between the baby and the carer). It is a great way to get back into shape and re-align the body after giving birth. The gentle stretches are a wonderful way to gently strengthen your core and regain your overall fitness. It also finds ways to ease the tightness and aids relaxation. We look at ways to reconnect with your body while we practise breathing techniques and gradually build long lasting health and well-being. The classes are designed to aid the your postnatal recovery whilst engaging, bonding and relaxing with your baby.

The Mum and Baby yoga classes are not only of huge benefit to both mums and babies but they are fun too, in a rich and stimulating environment. The sessions are made up of some over-clothing baby massage and gives you an introduction to the principles of baby yoga, coordination sequences for your baby and gentle stretches for you.

Furthermore you are shown relaxed methods of handling infants safely. There are many approaches how to handle babies in ways that they enjoy and that is good for them whether they have problems with colic, crying or sleeplessness and at every stage of development.

The Post-natal Yoga sessions are fun and sociable as we incorporate songs and rhymes with stretches and exercises, to encourage babies to strengthen and develop their natural physical skills. Babies are natural yogis as they nostril breathe and they are concerned with the present moment and practice yoga poses naturally as part of their development.

The exercise routine concentrates on toning and strengthening the pelvic floor and stomach muscles. It also eases muscle tension which can arise from carrying your baby, feeding and caring.

These sessions are suitable for new mums. Suitable from about six weeks post-partum or eight weeks post Caesarean birth.

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More Benefits

Physical benefits

  • Babies receive physical activity as if they were handled for a few hours.
  • Parents engage constructively with their babies from birth, as a foundation for future regular exercise.
  • Baby Yoga promotes more and better sleep.
  • Regular movement promotes a more 'settled' behaviour.

Psychological benefits

  • Baby yoga helps the parent and baby to get to know each other better through non-verbal and verbal communication.
  • Challenges set, can give the babies the ability to cope positively with new situations.
  • Active interaction with other parents provides a basis for future positive social relations.
  • Joint relaxation has mutual benefits for the parents and babies and enhances non-verbal communication between them.
  • Early birth trauma can be resolved through this loving interaction.

Developmental benefits

  • It stimulates the digestive and nervous systems.
  • It helps alleviate wind and colic and helps to keep babies contented between feeds.
  • It can reduce the frustration in babies between developmental stages.
  • Research has shown that tactile stimulation contributes brain development and that of the nervous system.

Baby Yoga offers relaxing and rejuvenating sessions for parents and their babies, where your baby is an integral part of the yoga sessions.

Baby Yoga perfectly complements baby massage as it builds on your baby's physical and promotes other developmental milestones. It will aid your baby's brain development and the sense of co-ordination, balance, sensory and motor skills.

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