Below are pictures of some poses as seen in a toddler yoga session and mandalas made by the children. Some are pictures just relate to the stories.

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Yoga unites the body, mind and breath. It can give you the tools for self-discipline and help you relax.

Yoga has become a very popular form of exercise used by many to strengthen body and mind. Next to the physical benefits, yoga is also used to calm the mind and help us to live more in the moment. This will help children from a young age as they learn to believe in themselves and feel calm inside.

In Children's and Toddler Yoga, the young ones are not expected to stay on their mats for 45 minutes or so, as we incorporate, stories, songs and games into our routine.

Yoga is a non-competitive exercise where the imagination is stimulated, their bodies are active and strengthened and they find inner calm and happiness.

Key Benefits of Children's Yoga

  • builds a strong foundation to develop physical and mental skills.
  • it improves the body and mind connection as yoga assist neuromuscular development
  • it improves concentration
  • promotes the development of the vestibular system (balance centre situated in the inner ear)
  • develops motor development as both sides of the body is used and "we are crossing the midlines"
  • improves core strength essential for good posture and physical alignment
  • can improve digestion and circulation
  • develops a strong and flexible body
  • strengthens the immune system and relaxes the body and mind which promotes deeper sleep.
  • Vera is a fully qualified and fully insured children's yoga teacher.



    This includes a story, with yoga moves, dance and games. Parents are welcome to stay and watch or return later.

    for more informations, please contact Vera

    Yoga-tots (Toddler Yoga)

    These are creative classes are for little ones between 2 and 4 years old. You can bring your mum, dad or any other adult along to these classes and you have a chance to stretch, move and laugh together. These sessions incorporate yoga poses with a story or an adventure story, rhymes and dance. You learn to relax and breathe in a playful way. It is great fun.

    Classes at held in Nursery Schools in the Liphook Area only.

    No other sessions are available until further notice.

    For more information, please contact Vera.


    Benefits of Children's Yoga

    A Yoga Class is not just a physical work out. Together, the range of postures, the breathing exercises and meditation practice provide an opportunity to enhance our lives, body mind and soul.
    There are many physical benefits that we can all gain through regular yoga practice. Research has measured improvements in all these areas:

    • strength, endurance and resiliency
    • balance and posture
    • flexibility and range of movement
    • eye-hand coordination
    • dexterity skills
    • reaction time
    • energy levels
    • sleep
    • pulse rate and blood pressure
    • weight normalisation
    • immunity increases
    • pain decreases
  • all organic systems: blood and lymph circulation, respiratory efficiency and digestion
  • Through yoga your child can also learn essential life skills:

    • Enjoyment of learning - in classes that are varied and fun; learning yoga through song, dance, stories and games
    • Respect - for themselves and others by being encouraged to listen to their bodies and practise yoga without strain; by supporting others in their own practice
    • Confidence- through classes with built-in progression, taking your child from the basic to more complex postures within a supportive atmosphere
    • Inner calm - through breathing and meditation exercises.
    • Co-operation - through yoga practice in pairs and as a group.
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