Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage

Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage has taken place in the Himalayan region and Tibet for thousands of years and draws on Indian, Chinese and Persian wisdom as well as its own traditions.


This massage uses a holistic approach and has physical benefits.

Tibetan Medicine believes that we are made up of five basic elements: Earth, water, fire, wind and space.

The hands-on technique applied in Tibetan massage are similar to those used in Western methods such as rubbing, kneading, stroking and stimulating of acupressure points. The oil or massage cream used in the treatments is to reduce friction between the hands and the skin, giving a more enjoyable experience.

Some benefits of Hand Massage:

  • for people who used their hands often, e.g. a keyboard or mouse,
  • repetitive tasks using arms and hands,
  • manual sports and
  • more heavy usage such as mechanical or physical labour.

Any condition that creates an energy blockage in the head, shoulders or upper spine responds well to Hand and Arm Massage.


Massage sessions generally run for 40 minutes and your investment is 30.

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For a rough guide of available appointments please see the weekly timetable.
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