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Muzitots is a music and movement group for children under five years old, where singing is combined with props and everyday household items which are used as instruments. This includes home-made "instruments" made from recycled materials. There is no need to have a great singing voice - it is enough to enjoy singing. These music session are a brilliant way to bring out your child's rhythm, coordination and self-esteem. Each Muzitots session encourages communication, the development of motor skills (fine and large) and musical appreciation in a caring environment.

There is an important link between sound discrimination and early reading and writing skills. The Muzitots programme concentrates on listening skills, for example comparing sounds of clapping hands with using pots and pans from cupboards at home. The programme also allows children to listen and match everyday sounds that a range of instruments make. Movement is added to the singing to promote the building of muscle memory, co-ordination and strength which is important for early writing skills.

Basic sign language (MAKATON) is incorporated into some songs to expose the children to a few words and concepts. The use of physical actions makes the songs more interesting.

For the slightly older children, the emphasis is on exploring sound and learning some traditional nursery rhymes and action songs. A range of colourful soft toys and household items make these sessions a fun way to learn. They develop listening and physical skills and sound identification (18 months - 3 years).

The pre-school group programme is made up of a range of traditional rhymes and songs combined with rhythm. Action songs include word games to develop the physical skills needed for early pencil control (3 years - school age).


Classes will start on Wednesday, 13 and Thursday, 14 September 2017 at 9:15

Day Time Venue Dates Age group
Wednesday 9:15 Liphook Methodist Church, London Road, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7AN weekly term time * mixed age
Thursday 9:15 Liphook Methodist Church, London Road, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7AN weekly term time * mixed age

* where possible a session will be held during the holidays. Please see the Facebook page for last minute classes.

Contact Vera for more information.

The Song and Action sessions are put together with early communication and bonding time in mind, usually with one of the baby's main carers. This allows babies and a main carer to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of singing with instruments, scarves, bubbles and much, much more. This is combined with some gentle movements with lots of stimulating melodies from traditional songs and rhymes for mums and babies to enjoy together by clapping, massaging and experimenting with musical instruments and sounds.(Baby - crawlers).

Song and Action sessions will incorporate some action and movement e.g. lifting which the babies love so much. Other songs aid co-ordination and develop motor skills. There will be a chance to explore soft toys, musical instruments and play peeka-boo games with colourful scarves. We encourage eye-tracking, gentle stretches and we try to bring out baby's rhythm while we all have fun at the same time.

The session comprises of 35 minutes song time and 25 minutes where the babies have a chance to explore a range of activities on offer, including some sensory stimulation, while the parents catch up over a cup of tea or coffee. We finish the session with bubbles, parachutes and our good-bye song.

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Song and Action for babies and crawlers, from a session in January 2016


Mums and babies enjoying a Music and Action Time session. Lots to explore.


Comments from parents


"The session was great fun and very interactive with a good variety of songs." - Sophie.

"Vera has a good knowledge of what is important to children and about sounds and physical development." - Felicity


"The range of songs, actions and instruments used were great."
- Amy

"Vera used soft toys linked with nursery rhymes. The children enjoyed that very much." - Sophie and Felicity

Thank you to Christine Frank-Schultz for the photographs.

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